Android SDK 1.1 Configuration


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- Required parameters. You can get them in the GUI-->
	<string name="innometrics_company_id">1</string>
	<string name="innometrics_app_key">app_key</string>
	<string name="innometrics_bucket">bucketname</string>
	<string name="innometrics_section">sectionname</string>

<!-- Optional parameters. Default values are shown -->
	<bool name="innometrics_debug">false</bool> //showing debug messages in the console
	<integer name="innometrics_session_timeout">1800</integer>  //If there are no activity tracked for more than 30 minutes (1800 seconds), then with next event new session will be started.
	<!-- Network management -->
	<integer name="innometrics_connection_frequency">30</integer>  //Even if you call trackEvent dozen times per second, it will be sent by bunches each "innometrics_connection_frequency" seconds.
	<integer name="innometrics_connection_timeout">30</integer> 

	<!-- Memory management -->
	<integer name="innometrics_cached_request_limit">300</integer>   //Maximum amount of unsent requests that are stored locally. Helps you also to limit memory usage of library (FIFO)
	<!-- Background synchronization -->
	<integer name="innometrics_send_data_timeout">60</integer>